It is incredible to think that, as a 17-year-old growing up on the beach in Worthing/West Sussex Lewis Crathern had never even flown a kite. Within three years he was a successful British Pro Men’s Kitesurfing Champion and had become the youngest rider to ever win the Tour. 8 years later, and with 4 British Championships to his name, a consistent World Ranking inside the Top 20 and spectacular Kitesurfing Jump’s recognised by millions worldwide Lewis is regarded as one of the most well known Kitesurfers that Britain has ever produced.

Through his involvement within Education, Lewis has also become a prolific success away from the waterline and is currently more motivated to teach Kids about Thinking Eco & living healthy than ever before. Using his passion for the exciting sport of Kitesurfing Lewis is able to inspire the younger generation by re-living challenges he has experienced within his own life.

More recently in March 2012 Lewis took 1st place in the 1st ever Redbull Lenten Megaloop Challenge event in Capetown South Africa. Riders came from all over the word to compete in a new discipline in kitesurfing where Lewis excelled in the strong winds.

Crathern has also been causing a stir on the airwaves, having ventured in a new direction of Commentator/Presenter. At a time where the General Public may find ‘the most rapidly growing watersport in the world’ hard to grasp Lewis is well renowned with the ability to communicate the sport to all levels in an informative yet witty way. Lewis’s typical, energetic presence in the commentary booth or in front of the camera has resulted in many lead positions for Extreme Sport’s Event’s and TV Productions around the world.

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Lewis Crathern Kitesurfing 2012